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Brooches of the finest quality made by Beltane Designs

Dragon Spirit

Beltane Designs Brooch: Dragon Spirit

Ref. No.: B1

Price: £6.00. Order – Dragon Spirit B1

Horses of Inver

Beltane Designs Brooch: Horses of Inver

Ref. No.: B2

Price: £6.00 Order – Horses of Inver B2

Serpent of Knowledge

Beltane Designs Brooch: Serpent of Knowledge

Ref. No.: B3

Price: £6.00. Order – Serpent of Knowledge B3


Beltane Designs Brooch: Spiral

Ref. No.: B4

Price: £6.00. Order – Spiral B4

Tail Biting Dogs

Beltane Designs Brooch: Tail Biting Dogs

Ref. No.: B5

Price: £6.00. Order – Tail Biting Dogs B5

Tribal Knot #1

Beltane Designs Brooch: Tribal Knot #1

Ref. No.: B6

Price: £6.00. Order – Tribal Knot #1 B6

Tribal Knot #2

Beltane Designs Brooch: Tribal Knot #2

Ref. No.: B7

Price: £6.00<. Order – Tribal Knot #2 B7

Bird Knot #1

Beltane Designs Brooch: Bird Knot #1

Ref. No.: B8

Price: £6.00. Order – Bird Knot #1 B8

General Description

Pin on Brooches made from mirror polished stainless steel or solid brass with blackend backgrounds. These are 2 inches in diameter. They are made from sheet metal 1mm in thickness with dome shape profile. Very fine detail work.

This price includes standard postage anywhere in world. Recorded, signed for postal service add £3.50 to total price.