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Beltane Designs Knife Sheath Case

Sheath Knife Case

Beltane Products Knife Sheath Case

This was made for a 145mm knife. It has adjustable strap for securing knife in sheath. The strap can be moved up or down the holes to make belt loop smaller. The Celtic design is one of my original hand cut tooling designs. The Sheath is hand stitched in traditional saddle and harness makers methods with two needles awl and a stitching clamp. The thread is Best Linen, bees wax is applied to protect it. All fittings are solid brass which will not rust on the leather. I have used brass rings in a novel way to prevent knife from cutting through stitching when removing from sheath.     Sold for £35.00. Coder – Sheath Knife Case Large View     Close Up View

Knife Case #1

Beltane Designs Knife Case

Knife Case with Celtic Knotwork detail. I kept loosing my pocket knives so designed this to fit a belt. I dont loose them anymore.

Please e-mail for the price. Order – Knife Case #1

Here's the large view!