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Saddle & Sissy Bar Bags

Leather Saddlebags for a Harley.

Triumph Bonneville Saddlebags

Beltane Designs: Triumph Saddlebag

Throw over type.These were made for Jeff Hardy for his 50th Birthday present. Made with rememberance of his old dog 'Storm' who got killed in a road accident a few years back. I used one of my handmade embossing tools to do 'The Celtic Hounds' as a centre design. A nice feature was the decorative edge plaiting which covers the join on the bags.

Please e-mail for price. Order – Triumph Bonneville Saddlebags

Here's the large view   Closeup view

Saddlebag Wide Glide

Beltane Designs: Saddlebag Wide Glide

SaddleBags made for a friends Harley Davidson Wide Glide. Airbrushed flame design with solid brass fittings. These were entirely hand made from heavy duty 3.5mm thick cowhide with traditional American saddle edge lacing.

These were sold for £250.00 Orer – Saddlebag Wide Glide

Here's the large view!

Saddlebags for Suzuki

Beltane Designs: Saddlebags for Suzuki

Saddlebags with Celtic designwork. Made From heavy duty hide. These were made for A Suzuki Intruder motorcycle.

Sells for £250.00. Order – Saddlebags for Suzuki

Classic Saddlebags

Beltane Designs: Classic Saddlebags

Classic style antique stained saddlebags for Harley Davidson Wide Glide. These were entirely handmade from heavy duty natural tanned cowhide. Handlaced in traditional American saddle edge lacing.

Sells For £500.00. Order – Classic Saddlebags

Rear Sissy Bar Rack Bag

Beltane Designs: Rear Sissy Bar Rack Bag

Heavy duty 3.5 mm hide multi pouch pockets front and sides.

Sells for £200.00. Order – Rear Sissy Bar Rack Bag

Sissy Bar Bag #2

Beltane Designs: Sissy Bar Bag

With Celtic Detail. Handsewn and Piping Detail.

Sells for £150.00. Order – Sissy Bar Bag #2

Vintage Saddlebag

Beltane Designs: Vintage Saddlebag

This is a copy of a Vintage Saddlebag for an Early Powered cycle. The saddlebag was entirely handsewn to the same specification as the Original. This Bike won the 'Tour of Birmingham Rally' First Prize for best pre war machine.

Please e-mail for price. Order – Vintage Saddlebag

Saddlebag Set

Beltane Designs: Saddlebag Set

Here is a full set of leather accessories I made for a Harley, including saddlebags toolroll, handlbar grips, battery Box pouch, tank strap, mud flap.

The full set sells for £800.00. Order – Saddlebag Set

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Trike Saddle Bags (Box Construction)

Beltane Designs: Saddlebag Box Construction

These are my latest project for a friend Geoff's custom trike completed this week 30 5 09. The size is approximately 12 inches high 10 inches wide and 5 inches deep. The pair of saddle bags took 45 hours to make from design pattern cutting and final assembly

Sells for £400.00. Order – Trike Saddle Bags

See the larger picture.